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Clover's Big Ideas review by Julieann Wallace, Author

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Spring is an exciting time of the year. Particularly on farms where spring means babies. And that is where the adorable Clover comes into the story, written by author, Georgie Donaghey. Clover is clearly loved by her mother, who tells her to stay on this side of the fence where it is safer. When Clover sees the bull in the next paddock and giggles, it is a clear indicator of her positive outlook on life and her sweet disposition. But you also get that bumbly feeling in your tummy that something is going to happen … so you turn the page with caution …

Enter Duncan, Stu and Shadow, the villains of the story. They tease Clover about being small and you instantly want to protect her from them. Clover bravely speaks up, ‘I may be small, but I have BIG ideas,’ before she turns her head away so they can’t see her tears.

Duncan, Stu and Shadow don’t just tease Clover. It seems anyone can be a target of their bullying. So they approach the bull and tease him (the bullies bully the bull…), Angus the bull is justifiably angry, and will have the readers cheering him on.

When Shadow gets stuck in the fence, there is only one small lamb who can help. Enter the heroine of the story, Clover, who also cleverly plans a stunt with Angus the bull for a little bit of light hearted revenge that will have kids sniggering and smiling.

Illustrator (and author), Emma Middleton, has gifted the readers will spectacular pictures using oil paints. You will fall in love with her painting technique that creates a visual softness for the wool and fur of the animals, that will make you want to reach out and touch the pages. Sometimes I have a favourite illustration or two in books, but with Clover’s BIG Ideas, I have twelve favourite double page spreads that draw my eyes, due to the variety and use of colour, or the love visually pouring from the pages.

Clover’s BIG Ideas is a beautiful, heartfelt story, written by author, Georgie Donaghey,  that has all the ingredients to make it a successful and popular story, and it certainly makes a positive impact with its message. There is no doubt that Clover’s BIG Ideas will become an ‘anytime’ favourite story to be read and reread, not just for bedtime.

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