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Bigger Than Yesterday, Smaller Than Tomorrow reviewed by Georgie Donaghey

Bigger Than Yesterday, Smaller Than Tomorrow by Robert Vescio and Kathy Creamer

This family fun story begins with Hannah and her Dad busily making plans for a father-daughter adventure while Mum stays home to care for baby Connor. 

'I'm BIGGER than yesterday!' Hannah proudly announces eager to flex her independence.

After one last warm hug from Mum, Hannah, her Teddy, Dad and Hugo, the family dog set off. But not before Mum offers Hannah a little keepsake for the trip.

Dad and Hannah quickly settle into camp. Hannah's confidence grows as she explores their woodland surroundings by climbing trees and talking to owls. But as the sun sets doubts crawl in and Hannah's confidence quickly deflates.

'I miss Mum!' Hannah cries.

Dad tries to help in his own unique way, but he can't quite do things like Mum does.

Hannah remembers Mums gift, will it help?

Kathy's ability to add magic to each word through her illustrations is evident in her love for this story. You'll enjoy the soft pastel lively and fun illustrations that offer another layer to this tender story. I adore the life that Kathy has brought to Hannah's eyes. The final illustration in this book reveals an unexpected sweet ending.

Hannah's confidence to take on the world and defeat all obstacles will resonate with children of a similar age trying to assert their independence.

Perfect for pre-school audiences, Bigger Than Yesterday, Smaller Than Tomorrow is a heart-warming story that will encourage discussion on remembering that growing up doesn't mean growing apart.

This story will easily appeal to families and undoubtedly become a treasured favourite.

Bigger Than Yesterday, Smaller Than Tomorrow is available through Little Pink Dog Books.
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Guest - Robert Vescio on Wednesday, 31 October 2018 19:21

Thank you so much, Georgie. Much appreciated. You're wonderful! :-)

Thank you so much, Georgie. Much appreciated. You're wonderful! :-)
Wednesday, 17 July 2024

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