Clover’s BIG Ideas

Clover’s BIG Ideas front cover

Clover's BIG Ideas

released on 1st October 2017

by Little Pink Dog Books

About Clover’s BIG Ideas

Clover’s BIG Ideas - One inspiring little lamb, three mischievous young boys and an unlikely friendship. Being the smallest in the paddock isn't easy. Clover's always teased by the other lambs. When Shadow, Stu and Duncan's teasing goes too far, can Clover and her big ideas rescue them from their own silliness? Discover how Clover shows being little makes her more determined and clever than they could ever imagine.

ISBN: 976-0-9946269-6-7

Publication date: 1st October 2017

Publisher: Little Pink Dog Books

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Clover's Launch

Here are some photos from the launch of Clover's BIG Ideas, which was held on Saturday 18th November 2017. The event was held at Harry Hartog Bookseller at Westfield Miranda.

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