Clover's Big Ideas

Clover's Big Ideas review by Shaye Wardrop, Kids Book Review

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Clover is small, and her Mumma wants her to stay put and be safe. But Clover is a curious little lamb, and she wants the other lambs to see that being small doesn’t mean she can’t do big things.

The other lambs ignore poor Clover and dismiss her for her size, but when they get into trouble with the bull in the next paddock, it's little Clover who comes to their rescue with her big and brilliant ideas.

This is a heart-warming picture book that shows kids that being small — being different — doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your dreams.

Clover is such a gorgeous character, and her emotional journey throughout the book is both touching and powerful. Over the course of the story, Clover is happy, curious, intimidated, sad, lonely, brave, daring and kind. Georgie Donaghey's words bring her to life on the page, making you wish she was a real little lamb you could meet (and maybe learn from). With stunning illustrations by Emma Middleton, this is a picture book you'll want to take your time to explore. The gorgeous colour palette and exquisite details fill every page, and there’s a cheeky little mouse for kids to spot throughout the story. Many children will relate to little Clover and her challenges in life, so I dare say this story will inspire them to reach for the stars, which is a beautiful and amazing gift.


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